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BMC has developed a highly skilled and practiced team with processes that deliver for our clients a cost effective, intelligent and robust engineering solution to enhance the construction process.

BMC prides itself on providing highly detailed and comprehensive construction drawings that assists tender pricing to be completed accurately, enabling a smooth hassle free construction process which ultimately saves the client time and money.

BMC encourages a collaborative approach to the design process both in house and alongside clients and architects to provide intelligent professional engineering solutions to enhance any project, large or small, ensuring a successful outcome.

Through our heavy involvement in the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery we have gained a high level of expertise in assessment, strengthening design and resilient new build design for industrial and commercial construction.

“ I just got off a project where I used BMC Consulting for some earthquake strengthening works. In my short time I have been in NZ I have to say that they have been the most responsive and the most logical structural engineers that I have come across. If you have any structural design needs I wouldn’t hesitate to ring BMC.”
Jason Eberhart - Senior Project Manager - Arrow Internatinal (NZ) Ltd

Arrow Internatinal (NZ) Ltd
CommercialBuilding Information Modelling (BIM)High End ResidentialAssessment StrengtheningInnovationDrone Survey


BMC has a diverse and strong technical team with considerable in-depth experience working for, and directly with, developers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, client organisations and Regulatory Bodies.

BMC provides structural solutions for commercial buildings in a range of materials and structural systems. We work closely with geotechnical specialists to provide cost effective foundation systems as part of the overall design package.

For examples of our recent work browse our portfolio.

CommercialBuilding Information Modelling (BIM)High End ResidentialAssessment StrengtheningInnovationDrone Survey

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our dynamic in-house Building Information Modelling (BIM) team has the knowledge and skillset to utilise BIM for the holistic design, management and delivery of complex structures. Our team creates 3D data rich models in Revit to seamlessly collaborate across multidisciplines. This collaborative approach increases efficiency, reduces waste/risk and provides high quality documentation to the client, tenderers and constructors. 

With the utilisation of the BIM, our team can coordinate the 3D models and drive changes early on in the design process through Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) meetings. Capturing changes early on in the design process reduces waste and clashes on site, adding significant value to client, contractors and the overall design. During the construction period, cloud based BIM models can be viewed by the contractor and trades to gain improved understanding of the project, assisting with buildability and reducing requests for information. By utilising the data rich model, our team can accurately provide 4D time analysis data for the contractor to assist with site logistics and construction programming.

Our team can provide quantity take-offs from the BIM to accurately produce bills of quantities for anything from architectural finishes to volumes of concrete and tonnage of steel. These quantities can easily be coordinated with different building options, allowing the client/contractor to accurately assess different building options.

As built models can be created by our team and used for Facilities Management and Asset Management to assist with the operational maintenance of the building.

With the use of drone surveys and 3D point clouds our BIM team can easily produce 3D spatial models and turn these into 2D drawings. This 3D survey information can be visualised by engineers allowing them to efficiently assess and design strengthening works as required.

CommercialBuilding Information Modelling (BIM)High End ResidentialAssessment StrengtheningInnovationDrone Survey

High End Residential

BMC provides practical engineering solutions for residential buildings and we work closely with your chosen architects and designers to ensure the perfect combination of relevant experience and comprehensive industry insight.  We work in both AutoCad and Revit to enable easy co-ordination and collaboration with Architect/Designer. We can provide design for all structural aspects of a residential build including foundations, basements, pole platforms, retaining walls, decks, beams, portal frames and bracing. Along with geotechnical investigations and reporting to meet all local council consent conditions. We also offer design of storm water and waste water treatment systems.

For examples of our recent work and build companies we have worked with, browse our portfolio.

CommercialBuilding Information Modelling (BIM)High End ResidentialAssessment StrengtheningInnovationDrone Survey

Assessment Strengthening

Through our heavy involvement in the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery we have gained a high level of expertise in assessment, strengthening design and resilient new build design for industrial and commercial construction.

Whether existing structures or new designs, either at the outset of a project, or during project construction. We offer a variety of seismic services incorporating, seismic and structural expertise:

  • Survey and assessment of the seismic performance of existing structures and equipment
  • Advice on earthquake damage repair costs for insurance purposes
  • Guidance on earthquake risk management options for critical infrastructure
  • Analysis for seismic loads and design for seismic resistance
  • Development of earthquake strengthening schemes through to construction documentation
  • Implementation, including use of appropriate materials, and methods of construction
  • Comprehensive risk assessment of earthquake damage to buildings and infrastructure

BMC will offer detailed knowledge of the changing landscape of New Zealand’s safety and design standards, legislation, best practice and proven methodologies around seismic safety. We embrace innovation and new technology.

Our independent seismic expertise ensures clients can make fully informed decisions as to the feasibility and best way forward on a project, balancing cost with safety and buildability of a structure.
To view the range of our strengthening and assessment projects, browse our portfolio.

CommercialBuilding Information Modelling (BIM)High End ResidentialAssessment StrengtheningInnovationDrone Survey


At BMC we pride ourselves on our ability to  develop unique engineering solutions to aid in achieving a result for even the most obscure project.

Our team includes qualified and experienced engineers who have the capability to plan and execute complex projects. This engineering expertise also allows us to develop bespoke concept designs and methods to achieve the desired result no matter how unusual the project may be.

For examples of some of our innovative projects and methods, browse our portfolio.

CommercialBuilding Information Modelling (BIM)High End ResidentialAssessment StrengtheningInnovationDrone Survey

Drone Survey

BMC’s highly trained and accredited drone team has all the necessary expertise to fly, process and analyse highly accurate georeferenced aerial mapping data, obtained from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s or more commonly known as drones). This high resolution aerial imagery can be viewed in real time on site (via a laptop), or post processed inhouse with the latest technology to service multiple industries including geotechnical engineering, construction, surveying, real estate, mining and agriculture.

The aerial drone data obtained can be processed to create 2D orthomosaic maps, 3D surface models, 3D contour maps, 3D point clouds and 4K movies. BMC have seen first-hand the benefits to clients by the use of drone surveys. The speed, efficiency and accuracy of the survey can be used immediately to assess current site conditions. BMC’s highly mobile and efficient team can survey a site and post process the information in a matter of hours, sharing this information with clients via any web browser.

BMC’s current drone portfolio includes:

  • 2D orthomosaic maps created by stitching 2D georeferenced photographs together, used to compare current and previous images (currently being used for slope stability assessment)
  • 3D mapping of rock bluffs used to record and assess slope stability by geotechnical engineers
  • 4K high definition movies used by geotechnical engineers to assess slope stability and plan rope access work (used to pin point areas of concern and plan the course of action prior to visiting site – reducing health and safety issues)
  • 2D photo imagery used to create geotechnical survey drawings
  • 2D orthomosaic mapping used to record the current site conditions (used for construction monitoring and topographical surveys)
  • 3D surfaces used to create current topographical site conditions
  • 3D surfaces used to create 3D contour drawings
  • 3D point clouds imported into 3D modelling software (Revit) and used to create existing condition surveys and used as backgrounds for preparing remedial drawings

BMC have embraced the use of drones within their current workflow and will continue to push the boundaries of the technology, furthering their use and optimizing their outputs. Our accredited team can offer highly skilled and professional benefits to leverage this technology for your business.

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