Vision & Values

Our Ethos
Integrity, Partnership and Commitment is the ethos behind our mission. To create sustainable, enduring structural legacies.
This means a strong focus on project outcomes (quality/on-time/on budget)

BMC aspires to be the engineering consultant of choice

It is important to the Director’s of BMC that the company is committed to achieving a service for its clients that includes: high-quality engineering, open communication, and efficient cost-effective solutions delivered ‘on time’. They encourage a Holistic approach to their engineering and as part of that, they encourage extensive Professional Development of their Team. BMC strives to ensure all contact with its clients, sub-contractors and staff provides successful outcomes and positive experiences.
The Directors and senior staff are directly involved in your project, particularly at the concept stage.




Our values are simple and based on honesty and integrity – we use them every day.
Our values represent our priorities when decision making and help our clients understand why and how we make decisions for their projects.
Our values are why our clients trust us and return to us.



We help people
• We always ensure we clearly understand your situation and the problem you need solved
• We always deliver to your expectation
• We understand that our efforts contribute to our communities
• We care for each other (inside and outside the company)


We deliver high-standard engineering
• We deliver best practice solutions to meet your project objectives
• We ensure the whole of the construction process is considered
• We deliver solutions that create value for your project


We are collaborative
• We understand the importance of clear and timely communication
• We value the input of the other project participants and work to include their needs in our design
• We actively engage across the engineering community