Marriott Passive House

Passive House design for Energy Efficiency
The Marriott house was designed thermally to the International Passive House standards. It has a Maxraft thermally efficient concrete slab, airtight walls and ceilings, over three times the code thermal insulation and a heat recovery ventilation system. It also has 6kW’s of PV panels on the roof.

The Marriott house was thermally designed by Paula Hugens of Ezed. The structural design was undertaken by a BMC director.
The design brief was to ensure the structure created no thermal bridges from inside to outside the house.
This required specific engineering design and innovative solutions.
Certified Passive Houses require both a passive house design review and post-construction
testing to meet the International Passive House certification standard. The onsite blower
door testing determined that the number of air changes per hour was 0.39 (<0.6) for the
completed house. Air quality is maintained using a Zehnder ComfoAir 350 Luxe and
ComfoFond- LEco (ground source cooling unit).
The house was certified by the Passive House Institute on 2nd March 2016.

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