Moana Pools - Dunedin

Dunedin City Council's Department of Parks and Recreation requested a Detailed Seismic Assessment of the Pools complex comprising 4 main elements and a number of ancillary structures. These involved 2No buildings based on steel frame and steel truss elements and 2No building with prestressed roof and column elements with reinforced concrete frames and a Prestressed Portal System.

The early 1960’s main pool building comprises a prestressed concrete beam and slab roof with steel hinge joints to the two supporting wall structures; one of the wall structures comprise precast prestressed inclined columns with cast in-situ supporting beams which have a hinge joint at the pool level slab and reinforced concrete buttresses down to the foundation; the other side is a reinforced concrete frame supporting the spectators seating which extends down to foundations level. The mid 1960’s learners pool structure comprises precast prestressed columns and beam which form a transverse portal frame to the building with the columns being restrained by insitu and precast beams at different levels to form a moment frame in the longitudinal direction. The Learners’s pool built circa 2000 comprises a lightweight roof supported by 5No steel lattice trusses supported off Reinforced Concrete columns to one end and steel posts to the other. The Lap/ Dive pool was constructed at the same time as the leisure pool and comprised a lightweight roof supported by steel beams and collector trusses supported by vertical steel A-frame trusses of the main buildings structure for with this is an extension.

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