Oakridge Resort, Wanaka

This project spanned some 6 years with BMC being responsible for the engineering design and construction monitoring of the development of this resort (including Stage II, III & IV of the project).

This has included the design & construction of the following elements:

  • Redevelopment of the existing main building and construction of a new bar & restaurant utilizing structural steel.
  • New conference facility, the primary structure comprising concrete block & Stahlton beams supporting a tussock planted green roof over.
  • 6 (8 Unit) & 2 (4 Unit) new two storey Apartment blocks, primary structural elements precast concrete panels with Corus tray concrete mid-floor.
  • New swimming pool, changing rooms, sauna and gym complex constructed using precast concrete panels (also with tussock planted roof over).
  • Re-development of old pool changing rooms to the large open poolside restaurant and a large addition to the conference room.

One of the features of BMC’s performance on this project was the ability to respond quickly to construction issues and client-initiated design changes which occurred during the course of construction. BMC’s experience and positive relationships with local contractors, site staff and designers enabled construction issues to get resolved quickly and the smooth flow of work to continue.

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