Prophets Rock Winery

Full design service through design and construction for purpose built winery facilities buildings.
Beautiful Bendigo back country Winery

The BMC team carried out the design, detailing & construction monitoring of Prophet Rock Winery’s purpose built fermentation facility and 2 number barrel storage halls. The interlinked structures was formed with a central steel portal framed facility with two precast concrete barrel storage halls. All were formed behind a precast concrete retaining wall which hold up the signature Prophets Rock after which the winery is named.

Being cut in to the Prophets Rock hill presented additional engineering challenges in regards to earthworks and our Drone Survey team were deployed to accurately measure the progress of excavations at various stages of the construction.

To meet harvesting time limitations on the design and building of the facility BMC worked closely with J Lund and Sons, to offer guidance and collaboration through all site issues in a quick and efficient manner. providing clear and concise documentation to aid the fabrication and construction process. As they say “Wine waits for no man”

Interested in Commercial Design? Give us a call to discuss your project and we’ll tailor a solution together.

Interested in Commercial Buildings / Drone Survey? Give us a call to discuss your project and we'll tailor a solution together.
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