Described as a disruptive technology, 3D scanning and reality capture are game changers and enhance our everyday workflow.
BMC has been using reality capture to assist our engineering practices for the last five years and continue to use it daily. Reality Capture technology has taken significant steps in recent years, access to this technology is now easier than ever. BMC is committed to advancing this technology and actively invests in this area.

Our collaboration with architects, building owners, insurers, engineers, government and non-government organisations has seen reality capture extend from commercial and industrial to residential and heritage applications. 3D reality capture is fast becoming the primary way of quickly collecting all the data required from our onsite visits. BMC routinely uses reality capture and primarily the 3D scanner on assessments for earthquake-prone and damaged buildings for insurers and property owners. By capturing these buildings, we can have multiple people visit and walk through the building from the comfort of their desk, significantly reducing the Heath and Safety risk to staff.

Some projects of note are the Chief Post office building Christchurch, St Johns Church (SIT Development) Invercargill, Dilapidation Surveys for the Invercargill CBD development and working with builders during EQC repairs. BMC has proven results of delivering a superior product promptly.

BMC utilises a Matterport 3D scanner, UAV and laser point scanners to capture internal and external data to produce accurate 3D models. These models can be accessed anywhere or at any time provided you have internet access, leading to flexibility and the ability to collaborate onsite, in the office or at a café.

From these scans, we can create accurate point cloud models which can be imported into our engineering modelling software reducing the time it takes for our technicians to model an as-is structure, eliminating the need for expensive return visits. This reduces the overall cost to the client and speeds up turn around time.

Take some time to watch our video and explore the following example models:


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