Drone Survey

Drone Survey
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BMC’s 4 certified drone (UAV) pilots (with 2 certified for proximity to airfield / flight paths) have flown over 200 drone flights and have the knowledge to fly, process and analyse highly accurate georeferenced aerial mapping data, building or slope inspections and produce highly accurate 3D models.

This high-resolution aerial imagery can be viewed in real-time on-site (via a laptop), or post-processed in-house with the latest technology to service multiple industries including geotechnical engineering, construction, surveying, real estate, mining and agriculture. The aerial drone data obtained can be processed to create 2D orthomosaic maps, 3D surface models, 3D contour maps, 3D point clouds and 4K movies. BMC has seen first-hand the benefits to clients by the use of drone surveys. The speed, efficiency and accuracy of the survey can be used immediately to assess current site conditions. BMC’s highly mobile and efficient team can survey a site and post-process the information in a matter of hours, sharing this information with clients via any web browser.

BMC’s current drone portfolio includes:

  • 2D orthomosaic maps created by stitching 2D georeferenced photographs together used to compare current and previous images (currently being used for slope stability assessment)
  • 3D mapping of rock bluffs used to record and assess slope stability by geotechnical engineers
  • 4K high definition movies used by geotechnical engineers to assess slope stability and plan rope access work (used to pinpoint areas of concern and plan the course of action prior to visiting the site – reducing health and safety issues)
  • 2D photo imagery used to create geotechnical survey drawings
  • 2D orthomosaic mapping used to record the current site conditions (used for construction monitoring and topographical surveys)
  • 3D surfaces used to create current topographical site conditions
  • 3D surfaces used to create 3D contour drawings
  • 3D point clouds imported into 3D modelling software (Revit) to create existing condition surveys and used as backgrounds for preparing ‘as-built’ drawings.

BMC have embraced the use of a drone within our current workflow and will continue to push the boundaries of the technology, furthering its use and optimizing their outputs. Our accredited team can offer highly skilled and professional benefits to leverage this technology for your business.

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