Peer Review

Peer Review
BMC can carry out a peer review on any/all structural projects in our area of expertise, at any stage of the project design. From small scale temporary works, heritage building and commercial seismic strengthening schemes, unusual structures, right through to single large complex multi-story high rise buildings or multiple building complex or precinct developments.
Typically our peer review experience relates to Regulatory Peer Reviews that is, the issue of a PS2 Producer Statement is required. We also have experience in the review of concept designs, completed construction works and buildings that have identified problems.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with the original designer within a supportive environment to identify issues for confirmation they have been appropriately considered and/or are resolved with documentation modified in the case of new designs.
Typically the work involves reviewing DFR & construction documentation, carrying out some check design calculations, liaising with the original design engineers, agreeing on a resolution or acceptance of information received.
Completion of the peer review generally to specific timeline constraints culminates in the issue of the PS2 Producer Statement, the Peer Review Log (recording issues identified and resolutions agreed) along with any updated documentation from the original designer (if altered from the original).
BMC clients have included property owners, design engineers, Heritage NZ and Territorial Authorities.

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